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Stories Change Our Brains and Behavior?!

VIDEO: This is amazing and yet makes so much sense.  When we hear a story, our brains chemically react and it chan...

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Want to Truly Engage Your Team?

ARTICLE: Employee/Team engagement can be an elusive thing.  Recent studies show that 'Love' is the answer. Why En...

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Lessons from the Seahawks

ARTICLE: There's lots we can learn from the Seattle Seahawks, and here's four that have nothing to do with their Su...

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  • Implementing the use of the PRO-D was extremely helpful in hiring, managing and releasing staff practices.  It gave everyone a common language which we could all understand and implement with the volunteers in our ministry.–Pastor - Langhorne, PA

  • Discovering the PRO-D tool was a life transformation event! For years I was familiar with several personality tests, but for the first time, I was able to begin living in the sweet spot of how I’d been created!–Paul S., Owner of MPSolutions

  • Wes has been a tremendous help to me both personally and professionally. His creativity and insight provide a unique perspective and solutions on issues that I face. I appreciate that he does not employ a "cookie cutter" approach, but instead seeks to understand my unique skills and gifts, and offers coaching that complements me as a person and business owner.–D. Bosworth, Owner - Well Done Q

  • Thank you!  You have helped in ways you may never know!  Your ability to capture my ideas and focus them into action are tremendous.  You have a gift!–Satisfied Client